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city. america's honor the heroes killed at fort hood and a holiday celebration goes haywire, landing four people in the hospital. i'm julie banderas and we're live as fox reports tonight. cold war enemies coming together for a nuclear-free world? as president obama makes his first ever visit to china as commander-in-chief, the u.s. and russia clear a major hurdle for a new armed control deal. in the meantime, the president shares sharp words for another country that's become a thorn in america's side. fallout from the decision to put suspected al-qaeda tris on trial in new york city. democrats defending the move, republicans slamming it. >> when the foreman of that jury stands up and delivers the victim, not empowered by the religious if a natsism, but the constitution, he'll know he's wrong. this seems to be the rights of terrorists and lack of concerns for the public. >> and a plan to put gitmo detainees in america's heartland causing another big controversy. why some in one small town see it as an economic boon. plus, a massive offensive in afghanistan underway right now. u.s. and
war or financial crisis. that was their plan. the interest wants to keep america in debt. you keep america in dead by having a financial crisis or make war. this is why the media is controlled by war mongeres. host: we're going to leave it there. on the twitter board. we have this tweet. "this is great. hopefully there is a lot of dirt on bush and cheney and this can come out and bush can be sent to trial as a war criminal." >> another post says "wake up, mr. president, we are at war here." host: back to the phone. on the line for democrats go ahead? caller: that last caller is probably still talking, huh? host: might be. what are your thoughts? caller: i have one sentence to sum up my feelings -- host: let's move on to the line for republicans in massachusetts. caller: good morning. i wanted to comment on the logistics of actually prosecuting these people in the south district of new york. we are not using the full inspect rum of legal options available to us. evidence was gathered and this was in civilian setings. now we are talking about prosecuting people we captured on a=nÃ
. >> if somebody murders americans and they murder americans in america, they ought to be prosecuted in america and hopefully convicted in america. >> republicans say a civilian trial will also give the alleged terrorists the public platform they want. >>> brand new details on the alleg allege ft. hood shotter. he's saying he did not pressure to hurt americans. the cleric could tell he was becoming uncomfortable in the u.s. military. the cleric told the "post" reporter hasan's killing spree is allowed under islam because it a form of jihad, and because the united states started the battle in muslim countries. has sn accused of shooting and killing 13 people at ft. hood. s he is still in the hospital. >>> and president obama is in china. china financed massive sums of u.s. debt. part of the president's talks may include assurances those investments are safe. the president held a town hall meeting with college students in shanghai where he push for greater freedoming in china. >> we do not seek to impose any system of government on any other nation, but we also don't believe that the principles t
>>> good morning, america. on this wednesday, november 11th, 2009. grounded. a united airlines pilot, yanked from the cockpit, moments before takeoff, after a co-worker suspected he was drunk on the job. >>> flood watch. the remnants of ida, dumping wicked rains. and watch this. a massive mudslide in tennessee. >>> battle of the titans, as the letterman trial heats up. opposing attorneys duke it out this morning. was it enterprise? or was it extortion? >>> and miracle on the tracks. we hear from the heroes, whose quick thinking saved a tipsy passenger from almost certain death. the driver is here to tell us her story. >>> and good morning to all of you. we're so glad to have you with us. diane sawyer and robin roberts, here on this wednesday, november 11th, 2009, veterans day. and an especially poignant one, in the wake of that stirring memorial for the ft. hood victims yesterday. >> and the president probably said it best. they put their lives on the line every day to protect our safety, uphold our values. it's a virtue we're celebrating this morning. >>> we begin the morning
transportation for america tries to get at why that happens. jimmy sillman reports >> reporter: over past 12 years more than 76,000 pedestrian have died only american roadways. a new study by the coalition for smarter growth and transportation for america rangings the america ranks d.c. the most dangerous. the report notes most pedestrian deaths are preventable. they occur because streets lack safe crosswalks for pedestrian. one example is central avenue. >> pedestrian are walking next to moving traffic. the sidewalk was placed not with a buffer but right next to the roadway. it is pretty intimidating to cross this street >> reporter: local pedestrian agree. >> you have to use very good judgement and make sure that the carthat is about to turn sees you >> reporter: the report concludes we should spends more money to make our streets safer for pedestrian. in prince george's county this is jimmy for 9 news now. >>> do you know what your kids are doing right now? this is video of some young teenagers with seemingly nothing eter to do than throw rocks at people in northeast d.c. it is all caugh
is going to jail. >> when you mess with america's emotions, america will hurt you. the d.a.'s will ask for jail on richard. >> ultimately, the judge makes the decision on punishment. as you mentioned, that comes during sentencing next month. trace: thank you. it claims that it is a muslim charity organization but the feds say it is funneling money to the government of iran. new details about a blockbuster criminal investigation, plus, time to break out the wetvac. these scenes are up and down the east coast. ñÑ trace: an update from "the fox report" last night. investigators moving to take control of property owned by a group that might have funneled money to the iranian government. the feds say the foundation sends money to iran and it is used in the nuclear program. prosecutors began the process of seizing real estate owned by the group in five states. among the assets, four shiite muslim mosques. eric shawn is outside one of those mosques in queens. >> the question tonight, has iran infiltrated america through this foundation? we told you about that foundation as part of our inves
have overtaken one city. can these beleaguered residents fight back? >>> good morning, america. >> good morning. it is saturday, november 14th. i spent a good part of yesterday reading this book. it's not out in stores yet. we were able to buy a copy, though. and there are some really interesting things in there. stories, including why someone on her campaign thought that palin might need a nutritionist. >> it is the most-anticipated book in recent memory. you get a sneak peek coming up. >>> also this morning, if you've ever given up junk food, maybe you understand the results of one new study that says foods like burgers and fries and doughnuts are just as hard to kick as cocaine and heroin. and we look at how fatty foods affect your brain. and with that knowledge, might help you kick the habit. >>> life stiles of the rich and infamous. would you like to own bernie madoff's watch or mets jacket? the antiques roadshow guys will be with us to tell us what madoff's loot is worth. and proceeds go toeimbursing ththousands of victims that lost their investments in his scam. >>> and justin be
to this and the controversial decision to try accused 9/11 sp conspirators in america. abortion moves to the forefront of the healthcare debate. major sticking point in the house. how far are both sides willing to go? we talk to the head of planned parenthood and concern of the pro-life senator also a doctor. sarah palin's campaign tell-all hits bookstores this week. she goes after many mccain staffers. we'll talk to one of mccain senior advisors, former hewlett-packard ceo carly fiorina. i'm shannon bream. america's news headquarters live from the nation's capital starts right now. we have word the white house is considering buying a warehouse to house the gitmo detine knees. president obama promised to close the place for next year. julie kirtz has the latest from washington. >> although no decision has been announced, an obama administration official tells us a near empty prison is an option for detain tees from guantanamo bay. an idea backed by the governor wood would allow the federal bure reof prisons to buy the prison and turn it into a supermax facility. the prison is in a small town called th
the finishing touches on the forecast. stay tune. (announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep. we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up, that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big. ? a trip to france for a group of high school students from sterling, virginia, ended on a sour note after the school suspended 11 honor roll students for drinking. it's a story we'll been following for months and the question is did the school violate its own policy when they gave out that punishment. surae chinn joins us more with answers to that question. >> well, derek, school policy says first time offenders are only supposed to get ten days. a judge says that's not what happened. >> reporter: a trip to school after school officials suspended 11 students on their last day. >> the judge felt that the school system botched the sus
future of the new program and of nasa's mission itself is in serious question. >> it is time for america to take the next accepts. >> reporter: when president bush proposed america's return to the moon, nasa designed the constellation program to get us will by 2015. the huge ares rockets are a throw back to the days of apollo and engineered to be much safer than the shuttle, which is slated to be retired next year. but the money needed was never appropriated, and the constellation budget has actually been cut by $15 billion in the past four years. whatever the budget, the commission says constellation won't be ready until at least 2017, seven years after the shuttle retireses. and that means to get to the international space station, mostly funded by u.s. taxpayers, america will have to pay russia $50 million a seat to hitch rides on soyuz spacecrafts. for many, it's a troubling reality check. the nation that celebrated the courage of john glenn and alan shepard and then and youed the world with its one small step may be in danger of seating it supremacy in space. >> are we into to go pr
flu alert concerning h1n1 and diabetes. you are watching 9 news now. america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working. >>> a new flu alert information right now anita is here with the details. the cdc says an estimated 22 million americans have now caught the h1n1 flu. and almost 4,000 have died. the number includes 540 children. tonight there is new concern for the centers for disease control as well as doctors in treating diabetes and hines. >> when people with diabetes get the flu it can be more difficult for them to manage their blood sugar. they can suffer high or low blood sugar. >> health experts say 12% of all h1n1 hospital
with an 18-year-old muslim convert who experts say made hating america a hobby. he describes himself as an extremist on his myspace page and apparently watched al qaeda videos online. hasan has been charged with 13 counts of murder. congressman carter introduced a bill to give the victims combatant status, increasing benefits for the families of those who died. the father whose 13-year-old boy accused michael jackson of molest being him in the 1990's has apparently committed suicide. this is a photo of chandler at age 18 with jackson in 1993. police say 65-year-old evan chandler was found dead in his jersey city home with a gunshot wound to the head. it happened earlier this month but the information was only just released to the public. chandler and his son filed a civil suit against jackson in 1993, but jackson paid the family a reported $20 million to settle the case out of court. a mother charged in connection with the kidnapping of her young daughter who was found dead is apparently pregnant again. antwoineette davis is being held in isolation at a north carolina jail. the body
&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed intert access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. ic >>> president obama is in china tonight, his first trip there as president. lespend one day in -- he will spend one day in shanghai. but the. does not expect to address issues like human rights are the chinese military. instead he's hoping to focus on a mutually beneficial partnership between china and the u.s. >>> the president is tangled in a controversy here at home about the trials of several suspected 9/11 terrorists. >> among the suspects self- proclaimed mastermind khalid sheik mohammad. they're all set to stand trial just blocks away from ground zero. but as fox 5's sarah simmons reports, that decision leaves many people
p panoply of the u.s. law. now they're going to be given a forum to make america seem bad again. criticize and mock america. it's extremely unseemly. >> it may turn out to be an opportunity for some people to get some of the justice they've been looking for for a long time. and they show that the civilian court system can succeed in certain case where is the evidence is clear, it's overwhelming, and you don't need to use all of this secret evidence or evidence that's been obtained through the torture program of the bush administration. >> families of 9/11 victims as you can imagine have some powerful feelings about holding this trial in new york. susan candiotti reports, some people say it hits too close to home. >> reporter: eight years of waiting is eight years too long for jim riches. he wants the alleged 9/11 conspirators tried in new york. the attack killed his son, a fellow firefighter. >> i want to get this moving, justice delay suicide justice denied. >> reporter: a handful of civilians got a close-up look attica lead sheik mohammed and others in a guantanamo courtroom l
: there is were the bank of america may have threatened the government. we will explain. jon: sarah palin, making the rounds on television. what is she now saying about president obama, her family, and her plans for 2012? 0himvoqtupp((- c +dt@!dp;/(hp can your body wash nourish this deeply? the moisturizer in other body washes sits on top of skin. only new dove has nutriummoisture... which can nourish deep down. new dove body wash with nutriummoisture. superior natural nourishment for your skin. jane: now, your money in the treasury department. a watchdog group is raising questions over the bailout of aig. it is possible that our government over-paid to rescue the insurance giant from collapse, overpaid by billions of dollars. business partners were paid to cancel insurance policies, easing problems. but partners may have been willing to excess -- accept much less. jon: charges the bank of america may have strong armed the government into forking over billions of dollars in taxpayer support. a hearing on the matter is under way right now. we are joined the live by liz on the fox business netwo
. [ applause ] >> glenn: good night america. good night mrs. dudu >> geraldo: live and at large, at president making news while chas advertising the north koreans. the attorney general back home in the united states dominating today's headlines with stunning news that the 9/11 hijackers are coming back to new york to stand trial, steps from the scene much their infamous crime. >> i'm confident in the ability of the courts to provide a fair trial just as they have for over 200 years. the alleged 9/11 conspirators will stand trial in the justice system before an impartial jury under long established rules and procedures. i would like to assure the american people that we will prosecute these cases vigorously and we will pursue the maximum punishment available. these were extraordinary crimes and so we will seek maximum penalties. >> geraldo: the decision to bring five terrorists to new york for a trial created a tsunami of comments from republicans. >> these people are qualified as terrorists around should not be tried in civil court and given the same rights and privileges that an american cit
of injured in america. is that -- insured in america. is that accurate? >> by bringing down the cost, we are going to increase accessibility. bill: give democrats benefit of the doubt. what is the best case scenario and you see? let's say the house version becomes law. what is the best case for america? >> this is a terrible piece of legislation. this will, in my mind, give us a massive deficits and lead to a government takeover of health care. i do not even want to put the word "best" in the same sentence as this bill. we will see but happens in the senate. i think they are going to tie things up and i believe this is going to move into next year. bill: i think you are right about the schedule. one of the provisions in the democratic version is to cut medicare spending, $500 million. if you look at the results from new jersey and virginia, is any lawmaker ready to go there and cut down the services to seniors? >> independents and seniors left the democrats in droves. if this bill passes, they are telling us 64% of seniors on medicare and vantage -- advantage are going to lose coverage u
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say that it could have a big impact on the gop's future. we have team coverage for america's election headquarters. molly line is in saranac, new york. major garrett is looking at what results could mean for the president in washington. first, shannon, what is the feeling about the governor's race where you are? >> so many of the group's carl mentioned in virginia are key groups here. minorities and women. what he needs to do is solidify the base and motivated enough to get up the boat. president obama took the state by 15 vote margin, -- 15% margin, campaigning with corzine. they need to get out to the polls and make sure they show up, and we're waiting to find out the numbers of how heavy or light the turnout was today, and that could be a big deciding factor. it is all about the democratic base in this case. shepard: the republican challenger sounded very optimistic today. >> we caught up with chris christie, who is neck and neck in the fight. democrats tend to close strong here in new jersey. he feels good about where he has been, and asked about his prediction, not only does he c
head and go, i thought he was supposed to represent america? i'm wondering if they did. i'm wondering if they said anything and nothing was done. steve: apparently not. why didn't they simply interview the guy? they could is have called the guy in and interview him? brian: they had to to make him a major. steve: when he said those scary things in 2007, why didn't they investigate him because he had that secret security clearance? apparently in december he came to the attention of two joint terrorism task forces. they did an analysis. they. ed his background. they looks at his employment records and other paperwork. and the analysts concluded that the chatter was innocent, and so that is where they dropped it just a couple of months later. it didn't go any further. but critics today -- keep in mind, there are going to be investigations. remember before 9/11 in 2001, there were the bungled opportunities for the intelligence community to talk to each other. did that happen again in this particular case? that's what the government's going to be looking into. brian: we have to talk about c
. to shape a better tomorrow, at&t is investing in america's future - working to create an internet that's smart, mobile and safe. last year at&t invested more than any other company in the u.s. and we're continuing to invest this year, to expand and enhance our wireless and wired networks. we support a national plan that ensures high speed internet access and enables adoption by all americans, over the next five years. adoption by all americans, over the next five years. the future is our business. at&t. your world delivered. >>> president obama makes his case ahead of a meeting today to try to influence china's policies toward the united states. >>> welcome back. thanks for joining us this monday morning. angie will have the traffic for us in just a minute but we start off with howard's forecast. hard to top yesterday. >> we won't. >> i was out with short sleeved shirt. >> not even the double sweatshirts. >> you were wearing leggings last week. >> no, thermals. that was just for you, angie. >> oh, gosh. >> you need a light jacket this morning as temperatures are in the 40s. nothing nea
individualing with america's largest creditor. >>> fox 5 morning news starts right now. >> starting you off with a nice view from up above. it is monday morning, november 16th, 2009. temperatures in the low 50s right now. should bounce up nicely. good morning and thanks for joininus. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. we'll have more on the forecast. >>> but first redskins fans have a win to cheer about. >> the redskins able to get the best of a bronco squad. denver up by 3 at the half. but the skins tied it up in the fourth and final score 27-17. dave ross will have more on the victory coming up in our monday morning quarterback. >>> now i wanted to ask this question, i wanted to call tony to see if he watched the game and sort of -- woo hoo, my skins. >> i did. and they looked like an nfl team. and i did watch the last part of the game. >> you might be the x factor, tony. >> it was just after somebody called and said they are winning. >> i was out and about with my son and listening on the radio and i was like, they're doing something. and it was fun to watch when i got home.
thousands of jobs in congressional districts that do not exist in america. or puerto rico. i'm bill hemmer, welcome here to america's newsroom. nice to have you back with us today, ali. alisyn: thanks so much, bill. i'm alisyn camerota in for megyn kelly. how bad is this mess? let's look at it. in the state of arizona, for example the web site is reporting jobs in the 9th, 11th, 18th, 25th, 29th, i have got more 36th, 3rd, 57th and 7 th congressional districts. there is one problem. take a look at this be pro. arizona only has eight districts. so there could not have been any jobs saved in the 12 other districts they list. bill: you gave a good shot at it, didn't you? alisyn: um-huh. steve. bill: what is going on here, stu. >> tip of the iceberg. absolutely tip of the iceberg. you think this is restricted to arizona? wrong. take a look at this map, please. the government is claiming jobs created in nine oklahoma congressional districts. problem, there is only five. jobs in eight districts of iowa. big problem, there is only five. jobs in eight districts in connecticut. again,
tells "good morning america" she believes the drug saved his life. her child is autistic. a doctor prescribed the treatment, one small browny every few days. she says she has to do something because her son was losing weight and behavior increasingly self-destructive. listen. >> he was extremely aggressive. he would run out of our home. >> he was a danger? >> yes. a danger to himself and others. >> and how soon after you gave him this did it change? >> with hours. with hours he had requested food that we had never seen him eat before. his demeanor had changed. he was calm. >> i know, but listen -- listen to the other side. all right jt a child psychologist tells abc marijuana can trigger mental disorrers in children saying there is no evidence that has any positive effect on autism. >>> if you have a facebook account, listen up. why 0 woman 7 vacation pictures on facebook may have caused her to lose her insurance benefits. >>> listen to this. a canadian woman's facebook page may have caused her to lose some insurance benefits. she was getting sick leave payments for depression. she
honored the dead in this way. >> a somber president left the white house just before midnight. america's commander in chief came to honor those who died in battle. in an extraordinary way, this is a moment that most presidents have not shown and most americans have not witnsed. he was just on the plane carrying the coffins of the americans. he comforted the families and in front of the cameras, he saluted the remains of one army sergeant killed in a roadside bomb. a very private moment made public for an entire nation to share in the grief. this solemn ceremony in a reminder of a critical situation in afghanistan. this month has been the deadliest for u.s. forces since the invasion. the president is wrestling with the request to put thousands of more troops in harm's way. it is a decision that has involved hours of meetings behind closed doors. there are owing signs of frustration. >> there is tragic loss and a young americans at the highest levels in this entire war over the last couple of days should emphasize to anyone the importance of moving rapidly with the decision making proces
crash of one of china's main airports killing three americans on board. now, we're getting word america's national transportation safety board is sending a team of experts to help chinese official offici investigate the cause. amateur video showing the aftermath of the disaster. the cargo plane taking off and heading to the neighboring country of kirgestan. we're told americans killed were crew members for avian to aviation. company based in similar zinba. four other americans were injured. chinese media reporting that the plane tail hit the ground in take-off and causing it to veer off the runway and burst into flames. he's been held captive for years now, but now there is new hope he'll come home. israeli soldier shalise taken by militants off the gaza strip in june of 2006. but now sources telling fox news a deal securing his release is nearly complete. reena ninan has more from jerusalem. >> hi, julie. sources close to mediation efforts tell fox news they are nearing a deal on the release of kidnapped israeli soldier. but they say a deal is not expected to come down before monday w
claims the iman believes the ft. hood attack was acceptable under islam because america brought the battle to muslim countries first. malik nadal hasan is charged ith killing 13 people. his lawyer says he is paralyzed. you can depend on fox 5 for coverage of the rampage at ft. hood. head to for everything we have gathered on it. and how the country is honoring the fallen. it is there on the news tab. >>> all construction on dc parks and rec centers may have to stop. funding has been frozen. the latest fallout over tens of millions of dollars in questionable contracts. sherri li is live with a marathon hearing is underway. >> the meeting is going on e seventh hour and they haven't got to the final witness. council members are agitated over this $85 million in questionable contracts for parks and rec centers. some of which went to contractors tied mayor fenty. tonight we have learned that the money for these projects have been cut off. during an oversight hearing. those projects are on hold. the office othe chief financial officer has frozen the funds and says wit
. that is the national desk, covering america for us. the foreign desk is covering the globe, and the media desk is where all of the brand new pictures come in to the fox news channel. here on the "live desk" you will see those brand new pictures in the boxes on the right hand side of the screen. we are continuing to get breaking news on this extraordinarily controversial decision to bring 9/11 terror suspects to new york city for trial. families of 9/11 victims are outraged, and now, legal experts are raising concerns about how much secret information the u.s. government will have to turn over to these suspects. in the middle box, it made the biggest counterterrorism seizure in u.s. history. $500 million in iranian assets. in minutes, we will show you how money raised by iran in this country is being used to kill u.s. troops abroad. in the bottom box developing this hour, more on the blockbuster new book by sarah palin. the book comes out on tuesday. her interview with oprah on monday. today, the panel has information on both and what it all means for sarah palin's political future. martha: but first to
america, i do not think that we should make chicago land the center of jihadi attention in the world. >> you also have to consider the feelings of the folks who live there. >> we don't need those kind of prisoners over here. >> the area definitely can use the jobs so it's ok with me. i have no problem. >> if it helps the community out, yeah, this nice little town is not going to be nice no more. jon: no doubt it's a tough choice and perhaps one that races -- raises a basic question can you put a price tag on your safety. first to corinnason live in thompson, illinois. corinna, what are the biggest concerns of the people making this decision? >> well, as anyone would guess, jon, safety is the number one concern if the gitmo detainees are going to be housed here in federal officials who were here earlier today sewed that an additional perimeter would be put up to make it just as safe or even safer than super max, which is currently the nation's highest security prison. federal officials have looked at a number of other locations but were careful not to indicate which one was their favo
. >> stay with us for "good morning america" coming up a >> just moments away, a community is struck after a child is murdered. city leaders say they will take action to stop the violence. >> moreover aside for metro. the white house could be on the verge of a new plan to take over subway safety. >> i hope we can find my dad's remains. >> a desperate family makes one last plea for the missing remains of a war hero. "good morning washington" begins now. >> live and in hd, this is a "good morning washington" on your side. >> i am doug mcelway. >> i'm alice and stalling. i hop yo-- alison starling. >> years brian van de graaff. >> it was 72 yesterday. not as mild today. there is cooler air trying to get in from the north. highs today in the low 60's. there will be lots of sunshine. 55 downtown, 40's in the suburbs. some afternoon clouds. high around 6065. what is traffic light on this monday, lisa? >> pretty decent. police are checking for crashed onto 70 southbound between 109 and 121. apparently the vehicles were on both shoulders, but that will cause disruptions. we're not sure of what wil
and that he believed what america was doing was wrong. steve, in these e-mails what exactly is the imam saying about the relationship? >> this radical muslim cleric that used to work at a mosque in falls church, va., which nidal malik hasan attended for some time, the u.s. believes that nidal malik hasan was in communication imam with communication for some time over the last year. -- was in communication with the imam for some time. according to the report, the imam did not pressure nidal malik hasan to carry out the shooting, but he said it was permissible under islam. the road about 12 e-mails back and forth. only a few were responded to. gregg: what about congressional investigations and what is the president saying about that? >> as for her work -- congressional investigations, there was a closed door meeting today that was canceled at the request of the administration. the administration apparently wants less congressional investigation at this stage of the game while the investigations are under way. the department of defense is trying to figure out how to go through any kind of interna
>>> barack obama making the first presidential trip to asia. he says america needs to improve alliances there. you'll hear how he thinks that will affect you. >>> he had a heart attack after a marathon and technically died. well now, he's alive to talk about it. hear what doctors did to revive him after 40 minutes. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> set an emotional record-setting domino effect. wait until you hear how many tiles they set up for their shining moment. >>> hey, there. thanks for having us over. this is hln "news and views," this is virginia cha. president obama is now in singapore. he will meet with leaders of apec. before leaving japan, he said the u.s. needs to work closer with japan. he also said there are other tough things to deal with. >> this is a place where the risk of a nuclear arms race threatens the security of the wider world, and where extremists who defile a great religion plan attacks on both of our continents. there can be no solution to our energy security and our climate challenge without the rising powers and developing nations of the asia pa
of terrorism and army should have notice that. >>> you're watching america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. arms control topping the agenda as president obama and the russian president are scheduled to meet at this hour. the president is in singapore for the 21 nation asia pacific economic cooperation forum. he is taking time out for individual meetings with mdevedev. according to the u.s. officials the u.s. and russia agreed on the broad jut lines of a new arms control treaty. they are expected to sign that treaty in early december. >>> a white powder scare saturday at new york's ellis island. a hazardous materials team responded to the call at the island's immigration museum. it was evacuated for 90 minutes as the team investigated but tests show the powder was just flour. i'm lauren sivan in new york. we now head back to "geraldo at large" right here on fox. large" right here on the fox news channel. >>> the initial statement led to the arrest of clarence and when that was deemed to be untruthful the charges were dropped. the investigation is still ongoing to determine if any othe
"death to america" on the floor of their parliament. jamie: thank you very much, caroline shively. kelly: in afghanistan, president karzai is calling on the taliban and other rich remiss groups to lay down their weapons and help rebuild the country. the appeal comes days after taliban leader omar posted a statement on the internet to ruling out talks with the afghan government, and calling on followers to cut ties with his administration. karzai also reached out to his main rival in afghanistan's fraud-marred presidential election, but stopped short of offering a statement in support of the government. jamie: the governor of afghanistan's kandahar province survived an assassination attempt. this is one of the country's most volatile areas. militants armed with a remote- control bomb blew out a window of the governor's vehicle. he was headed to prayers marking the muslim holiday. one police officer was injured in that incident. kelly: we continue to track the h1n1 virus. health officials in korea as well as the u.s. now reporting cases of double infections. that is when a person contracts
be the most symbolic weed-choked lot in america. it used to be michael christophero's middle class neighborhood until the city of new london used eminent domain laws and bulldozers to force his parents and dozens of other families out to make way for a private development. the city argued a five-star hotel, condos and an office park would lure jobs. according to internal documents and new london's former mayor it was also a plan to please pfizer which had been lured to this hard luck town with huge tax breaks and big promises. >> they had essentially had the plans all laid out. >> reporter: while most took cash settlements to leave, seven families fought it all the way to the supreme court, and lost. >> i hope they're looking back at this today and realize their decision was wrong. because this is a well-formulated plan right here. empty fields. >> reporter: the recession killed the development. and in a cost-cutting move, pfizer is now abandoning this site. and while many here say the government and the company deserve equal blame, pfizer claims it had no stake in the outcome of t
. moments ago, new unemployment numbers into "america's newsroom." the labor department reports first-time jobless claims came in last week at 502,000. the good news is the lowest level on claims since january. the bad news, if you are one of those people, that's not a good sign. good morning, everybody. i am bill hemmer. good morning to you. juliet: thank you very much for having me back. the national unemployment rate is 10.2%. when you add in the folks who have quit filene or quit looking, real unemployment stands at 17.5% 31 out of every six american workers is unemployed. it is the highest since the greatestgreat depression. bill: i do not mean to sound like a broken record, but it is back to the same issue again and again. >> i think most americans believe a recovery happens when they feel secure. i have to say that i am more confused by this crazy economy than i have been in the 25 years i have been in this business. look at what has happened with the stock market over the past six months and in the past few weeks. it's been an incredible bull market expansion. you start to see
daley is blaming the attack on america's love of guns. he said -- the mayor also dismissed the idea that the fort hood shooting will spark an anti islamist movement. in 2002, the d.c. area was terrorized for two weeks by a killing spree that left 10 people dead. the man behind it was executed last night. sniper mastermind john allen muhammad die by lethal injection as his victims' relatives watched. >> the truck left the grounds of the greensville prison, believed to be carrying the prison of john allen muhammad. >> death was pronounced at 9:11 p.m.. there were no complications. >> there are lingering questions. over about a three-week period, john allen muhammad and his young accomplice, malvo, killed 10 people john allen muhammad was executed for one of those murders, at dean myers. >> we are not collodigoing to celebrate john allen muhammad's death. at this time, it is time to pay the debt to society. >> also watching was one of his prosecutors. >> i feel some closure. i feel more peaceful. i know that the folks that have been harmed by him will be if feeling better. >> witnesses
a terrorist, no better than a dictatorship, but indeed we're america and we're bert than that. >> and, dan, let's talk about the nitty-gritty of a trial. i can hear the defense right now. they weren't read their miranda rights, not taken into custody, lack of a speedy trial. >> i don't think miranda, et cetera, will be the issue, sort of mundane kind of arguments -- i say mundane that we hear in trials -- but you're going to hear the defense say that nothing anything said while they were at guantanamo should be admissible, meaning i don't think there's any question that none of what was said while, for example, khalid shaikh mohammed was being water boarded, is going to be admissible. but what about a month later? what about a hearing? was he still so influenced by what happened to him the statements he made, he confessed, again, tried to plead guilty, should not be admissible? i think that's where the thorny legal issues will come up. >> when you said plead guilty, this whole thing could end quickly if he follows his pattern before him and said i did it but -- >> i don't think it will go
. flight plans are being processed manually. much more on this story as it's breaking news here on "america's newsroom this morning." glenn: gretchen: new unemployment claims 5rbgs 05,000 people filing for first-time jobless benefits. the labor department says that is unchanged from last week. october's official unemployment rate was 10%. last month, 15.7 million people were out of work. bill: another big story is healthcare and the debate continues later today and senate democrats will unveil more of their final healthcare reform bill, and the cost, $849 billion over ten years. that, however, is not the whole story. not by a long shot. good morning, everybody. busy thursday here. ima bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom . harry reid claims it will cut the deficit by $127 billion and those numbers mean one thing to democratic colleagues, a bill now that can pass the senate. >> >> a $127 billion deficit reduction, 94% coverage of people equals 60 votes, and we're going to get there. bill: here is the big question after that -- how can a bill that cost $847 billion possibly save $127 b
throughout this entire region. but there is a pending free trade agreement in america right now with south korea. it was negotiated in june of 2007. it's been sitting there waiting for action. the last two of the bush administration, well into the first year of the obama administration, it would be the biggest free trade agreement the united states has with any other nation since nafta. it would add u.s. trade representatives ten to $12 billion to the gdp. but because the obama administration wants more access for the u.s. auto makers, south koreans aren't high on that. that agreement is stalled and there has been no efforts here, no visible effort for the obama administration to bring the two nations any closer on that free trade pact. others could commence and follow after that. but until that is removed, it doesn't look like there will be more than free trade rhetoric on this trip and in this region. >> if it's sunday, it must be singapore. you've got a few more stops to go yet before you come back home on thursday. we'll see you soon. thanks very much. >> thank you. president obama's a
: a sad and similar scene plays out in six home towns across america. flags from indiana, illinois and wisconsin, in honor of the fort hood soldiers whose lives were taken too soon. hearses rolled slowly as loved ones laid 6 of the 13 soldiers killed at fort hood to rest. in wisconsin amy kruger is remembered with pain and pride. >> this is a small community and very noble as well. i think veterans day is going to have a lot different affect on people in the years to come. >> what am i going to feel? loss, devastation and wonder. as i said, god has a purpose, but it's hard to tell what that purpose is right now. >> reporter: as families say goodbye to those killed, the suspected gunman is in the hospital. nidal malik hasan faced 13 counts of murder. his attorney says he has no feeling from the waist down. >> my reports are that he won't be able to walk. >> reporter: the president says anyone with knowledge of his plan will be fully prosecuted. >> we'll look at motives of the alleged gunman, including his views and contacts. >> reporter: so far he made contact with a radical muslim
their story. >> reporter: this is a story assed down from generation to generation in america where everything is possible eighteen immigrant families working in hotel laundries, restaurants and blue collar jobs come together and secure a loan for did 1.8 million. purchasing the apartment building located at 3121 mount pleasant street northwest. >> we fight on this property. >> it wasn't easy. far from it. it was touch and go right up until closing. jose sho pi. n, the vice president of the co- op was getting affect schuss. >> so what happening, is this thing going to happen or not? >> reporter: days went by. emmails exchanged, wringels ironed out and then the word, the building is yours. >> i as there to sient papers. there was a ton of papers. talk about a ton of papers. >> reporter: the 18 families who purchased this building said they came together for one main reason. they were tired of the gentrification that was pushing so many other low-income families out of the neighborhood. >> reporter: buying the building was one challenge. renovating it is another. >> there is a need for a new roo
the government will provide. [ applause ] >> glenn: good night america. good night mrs. dunne wherever you are. >> julie: i'm julie banderas. >> gregg: i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to america's news headquarters. toppling the news, president obama right in the middle of a tour of asia and assuring the u.s. will not be cowed by north korea. we'll have a live report from singapore. >> and the attorney for the fort hood shooter wants his client to get a psychiatric evaluation. the attorney says mental responsibility will be a crucial issue here as many of those killed at fort hood are laid to rest today. >> gregg: it could very well be the next trial of the essential. yesterday we learned that the five men suspected of playing vital roles in 9/11 terror attackss will now stand trial in manhattan. yards from where the twin towers fell. eric holder insisting the case is rock solid. some view the of as politically and legally risky. molly henneberg is live in washington with more on that. >> molly: attorney general holder says this can work. they can try these terrorists and he is not worried about th
as the latest movie in the "twilight" series debuts across america. our i-reporters are sharing their movie reviews with us. hear what they have to say about "new moon." >>> we're getting late word that protests at california universities have taken a new turn as police clear out angry students who took over a campus building three days ago. but protests over rising fees don't show any signs of ending soon. >>> plus, the fight to pull people out of the ocean after a ferry packed with hundreds of passengers sinks. >>> and one step closer to health care reform. what's next on washington's agenda for that bill? thanks for joining us at hln. i'm holly firfer. we start on the campus of the university of california santa cruz, where that student takeover of the campus building has ended peacefully. about 70 students avoided arrest when they surrendered ker hall. the students had taken over the administration building three nights ago after the regents board approved a 32% increase in fees. a school spokesman says campus police presented the protesters with an ultimatum, vacate the building or fac
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